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In addition to our own direct efforts on the ground, OWIN is proud to partner with and sponsor local non-profit organizations.

Goldcrest Family Center

“We seek to provide aid to those orphans, widows and impoverished communities, which society has often forgotten…” Center President  Rev. Mrs. Agatha Chukwurah.

Headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria, Goldcrest Family Center is a non-profit charitable foundation providing humanitarian aid to poverty-stricken families and communities throughout Nigeria. Goldcrest was established in 2003 with a vision to enhance the education of children and empower widows in rural parts of Nigeria. Since then, the organization has worked with local schools and communities to provide vocational opportunities, books, food and financial assistance.

Goldcrest Family Center has initiated educational scholarships for orphans in Nigeria and has committed to renovating aged and damaged school buildings. Goldcrest routinely aids in the job placement training of widows and provides skills training in catering, sewing, retail and technology.

Orphans and Widows in Need Association

Located in Abia State, Nigeria, OWINA provides relief and assistance to communities in eastern Nigeria.

Focusing primarily on the eastern region of Nigeria, OWINA targets relief efforts to woman and children through medical and educational assistance. The organization’s operations are led by Mrs. Chino Okwuadigbo.