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The AF Summer Challenge

Throughout the year the supporters of the Asomugha Foundation participate in a number service activities focusing on education, health and wellness for youth.

And now, we are challenging you, our sincere advocates and supporters, to come up with educational activities this summer for kids in your local communities. Send us your YouTube video of your grassroots youth service project in action and we’ll share it with the world!

Studies have shown that academic knowledge gained by students during the school year is often lost during the summer when kids are out of school.

Whether you’re reading to groups of students in libraries, or at play-dates in your backyard, helping high school students create business plans or teaching children how to make informed decisions about nutrition and physical activity, we need you to help keep youth positively engaged and learning this summer.

*Videos are subject to review by the Asomugha Foundation.  Materials used on our foundation website through the AF Summer Challenge do not signify an endorsement of the product or organization being featured.