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OWIN, Orphans and Widows in Need, assists women and children who comprise a growing population that is among the most vulnerable on the continent of Africa. OWIN provides women with skills they can use to better support their families, and provides children with educational resources vital to a successful future.

OWIN also provides financial, medical and spiritual support to those in need.

The number of young widows and orphans living in poverty and destitution has reached epidemic proportions. OWIN is devoted to fighting this international crisis.

OWIN’s efforts are currently concentrated in Nigeria, where it works to enhance the quality of life for those living in poverty-stricken communities. Additional programs and resources are being supplied to communities in South Africa.

OWIN was founded in 2005, and began its mission to aid and empower orphans and widows in Africa in response to the declining — and often remote — societal and governmental assistance given to single mothers, widows and orphans.

Compelled by this issue, Dr. Lilian Asomugha brought together a small group of educators, physicians, entrepreneurs and advisors to found what has grown into a key part of the Asomugha Foundation.