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This summer has been great and I hope you are taking your vacations and enjoying all of it. On behalf of our Chairman and Board of Directors, I wish to say my gratitude to everyone especially those who supported our gala event or even took time out of hectic schedules to attend the event on the 13th of April 2013. As I have always said in our previous newsletters, the Asomugha Foundation is all about charity. I also mentioned my Nigerian heritage and our cultural or traditional art of giving to those around us (family). While here in the USA, I have learned that it is not just a blessing to give but more blessing to give to those you may not know or even ever see in your lifetime.

The Asomugha Foundation has become a blessing to many men and women who are struggling with poverty and neglect, widows and orphans and even disadvantaged young adults and scholars who need our encouragement to face both the present and the future. It is important therefore to let you know that progress does not come by watching but by doing. While we thank you and appreciate your support, we are working, expanding our territories of operation and constantly needing your support.