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On behalf of our Chairman and Board of Directors, I just want to thank everyone of you who read our first Newsletter for the stunning feedback we received. We are greatly encouraged by your support to not only continue with this new venture but also to stop at nothing in reaching out to the poor and needy children of our world with love and compassion.

This Holiday season, I would like to ask you a favor but before I do that, I would like to give you a little scenario. I come from an African culture where “giving “ is highly appreciated and valued as in America or other parts of the world. But because this is a cultural thing, it is not the same as charity. We give to our families, friends and well-wishers. In this instance, giving to a stranger is sometimes considered an act of ignorance or weakness because you may never see them again or get anything in return. But the Bible asks us to give with all our hearts to the poor of the world and expect nothing in return.