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Several times within the last few years, we have talked about starting a Newsletter for the Asomugha Foundation. Each time someone brings it up, for one reason or the other nothing
gets done. Some have asked if we have enough articles for a news letter and others have shied away for fear of continuity. As for me, I have learned to give all to God in prayer. So we all started to pray about it and today, we have enough articles to present our first newsletter.

Prayer is our strength upon which our success depends . Therefore we continue to ask for God’s blessings everyday as we serve one another. Orphans and Widows In Need (OWIN)
program was founded in 2005 and in 2007 the Asomugha College Tours for Scholars (ACTS) program was founded. In 2010 both programs combined forces to form “The Asomugha
Foundation”. Since then, the work of the foundation has grown enormously.