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In support of our efforts to promote education the Asomugha Foundation has established educational scholarships for students in the United States, South Africa and Nigeria. Since 2007 the Asomugha Foundation has provided financial assistance to over 70 students in the U.S. and Africa in support of their educational pursuits. The Asomugha College for Scholars (ACTS), awards up to five (5) scholarships per year, based on availability of funds and as determined by the Scholarship Committee. In addition the Asomugha Foundation, through Orphans and Widows in Need (OWIN), awards as many as eighteen (18) scholarships annually to orphans in Africa pursuing secondary and collegiate level education

“Our commitment to our scholars around the world goes beyond financial assistance. We recognize that every dollar raised in support of their educational future is also raised in support of the future of our global community.” – Chijioke Asomugha, Board Member


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