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In many countries, a woman’s social status is inextricably linked to her husband’s. When her husband dies, her place in society is at risk of being compromised or diminished.

Many widows around the world share two common experiences: a loss of social status and reduced economic circumstances. The state of widowhood is worsened by situations of poverty and lack of access to services and resources.

African widows, irrespective of ethnic groups, are amongst the most vulnerable and destitute women in the region. In Africa, HIV/AIDS have brought widowhood to millions of women. Widows suffer from illness, disease, loss of property and a significant decline in social status.

The Asomugha Foundation aims to empower widows through vocational training and spiritual and mental encouragement. Rigorous classes aimed at developing entrepreneurial traits and small businesses offer widows a solution to the disparity. For the Foundation, the adage “…teach a person how to fish and they’ll eat for days” goes hand-in-hand with our mission to serve widows and orphans.

To learn more about our work in this area visit our OWIN program page.