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On September 8, 2015 Co-Founder Dr. Lilian Asomugha addressed the Africa Women Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum (AWIEF) at the Oriental Hotel in Lagos, Nigeria. Dr. Asomugha gave an inspiring speech on why women are the cradle of education, and emphasized the importance of educating women and girls.

In her presentation Dr. Asomugha explained how mothers are the first and most effective teachers for their children – which is why education, like charity, begins at home with a caring mother. She went on to say that education is knowledge, and for all humans, physical, mental and spiritual growth depends on our knowledge of the things around us. She encouraged the women in the audience to step out of their comfort zones and to help to educate other sisters, women, poor widows and children who have less or no means to acquire education. “Education should not be a luxury, but instead a way to improve one’s life, the community and the nation. Women should motivate and inspire one another to success,” said Dr. Asomugha.

To learn more about how you can help The Asomugha Foundation in their work to empower widows and orphans through education, please visit our OWIN page: https://asomughafoundation.org/owin/