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The 2016 Global Women’s Conference was a one-day event drawing awareness to and addressing issues that impact women globally. Given the imposed cultural, religious, political and social obstacles placed before them, women and girls all over the world are experiencing various forms of discrimination, low self-esteem and abuse. Attendees of the Global Women’s Conference came together to make a stand against such issues. We believe that no matter in what region of the world a woman or a girl lives, she deserves at minimum to exercise her birthrights; to live in peace, with dignity and the freedom to dream and access all that will enhance her life and the lives of her family.

Speakers focused on the following topics: Cancer & Sickle Cell, Diet & Obesity, Relationships, Financial Literacy, Media Pressure-Self Esteem and Spirituality.  They addressed the impact of such issues upon women and girls and how it eventually affects the entire family; bearing in mind that although they have been overlooked by society.  Women are the pillars that hold the family together. Mothers and their young daughters were empowered and encouraged to reach their full potential in life.